CriticalMix Rig

Drug Delivery Technology Platform

Critical Pharmaceuticals drug delivery technologies enable the delivery of biological and challenging small molecule drugs by long acting depot injection or nasal spray.

CriticalMix injectable depot system uses supercritical carbon dioxide to encapsulate drugs in regulatory approved polymers for sustained release applications. Studies on more than thirty proteins and peptides have shown that CriticalMix maintains protein structure and activity and can sustain release over periods of weeks to months.

CriticalSorb is a novel absorption promoter able to efficiently deliver biologic drugs nasally. Clinical and preclinical studies have not only shown that it is highly effective in increasing the absorption of challenging molecules including proteins and peptides across the nasal mucosa, but that it is also well tolerated. CriticalSorb has the potential to provide a viable alternative to injection for a wide variety of drugs.

Critical Pharmaceuticals actively partners its drug delivery technologies and candidate drugs with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

CriticalSorb Technology

Nasal device

CriticalSorb enables the non-invasive nasal delivery delivery of high-value biologic products and challenging small molecule drugs.

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CriticalMix Technology

CriticalMix rig

CriticalMix enables the manufacture of highly active sustained release depot products for bimonthly, monthly or less frequent injection.

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Dr Keith Powell, PolyTherics
“This joint project gives us an opportunity to develop a unique technology and we are delighted to have received this additional support from the Technology Strategy Board to enable us to work with Critical Pharmaceuticals to produce a better product for patients”.