CriticalMix Rig

Supercritical Fluid Videos

The first video shows a fluid reaching and passing through its critical point. Notice the meniscus disappears as the fluid becomes supercritical, indicating there is no longer a distinction between liquid and gas. The meniscus returns as it is taken back below the critical point. This video was provided by Professor Martyn Poliakoff from the University of Nottingham.

The second video shows what effect supercritical carbon dioxide has on PLGA (a polymer approved by the regulatory agencies for drug delivery). As you will see, as the carbon dioxide becomes supercritical, the polymer liquefies.

The next movie shows a short burst of atomisation of a polymer/drug mixture. By careful nozzle selection and control of the atomisation environment, we can control particle formation and manufacture particles that can be injected through narrow guage needles.

CriticalMix Technology

CriticalMix rig

CriticalMix enables the manufacture of highly active sustained release depot products for bimonthly, monthly or less frequent injection.

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CP016 Long Acting hGH


CP016 is a long acting injection of human growth hormone in preclinical development that uses our CriticalMix technology. 

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Dr Andy Lewis, Critical Pharmaceuticals
“Our competitors can make sustained release formulations of small molecular weight drugs, but they need to use a lot of solvents to do it. We realised that using solvents when making medicines to be given to patients creates a lot of problems for the manufacturers. Firstly, many of these solvents are very toxic, and without costly extraction procedures, residues can be left in the products. Proving to the regulators that these extraction procedures are effective is also costly and time consuming, so when you want to get your product to market as quickly as possible you would rather not have to do it. Secondly, disposing of large amounts of these solvents is also very expensive and carries with it environmental concerns. By using our CriticalMix™ technology we can formulate drugs in a dry state without using any solvents at all.”